Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ramblings of a non-"Turista"

I almost forgot to update .....
We did go back, tried to get there toward the end of the movie so we could watch the part we missed without having to watch the entire movie. Well, that *almost* worked, LOL, we missed a few minutes in between the majority of the movie we saw on the "pop bottle bomb" day and the end. Oh well, now I will have to wait for it to be shown on HBO.

Ayway, we had decided that it was senseless to go to he movies for the last 20 minutes of something then leave, so we decided to watch 'Turistas'. I just have to say that I wish I had logged on to Yahoo Movies before I chose that movie. It was definately graphic, but intensely DULL! I swear I felt every minute that I sat in that theatre, LOL. The Yahoo Movies ratings showed it at a C- from both the critics and the general public - I think I would rate it at a D, though.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ramblings of a bummed out movie go-er and a worrying mom

This is not a review and I will not be giving away anything that happened in the movie.

I went to the movies - Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell. I was sitting there enjoying the movie and all was well, until about an hour and 45 minutes into the movie when the theatre lights suddenly came on and a theatre employee runs in and informs us that there has been 'an issue in the theatre' and we should all meet in the lobby.

While we were all crammed into the lobby, I could see fire trucks outside the theatre and then I saw firemen going into a side exit. The managers gave us all rain checks and had us leave. So I headed home and got there just before the news. About half way through the news they started reporting on the breaking news. Turns out someone set off a sort of a bomb in the theatre - something about dry ice in a bottle. No injuries, but there was some damage, and the police don't know who was involved.

So, here I am wondering what happened to Harold Crick. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T tell me!!!)

Anyway, back to being crammed into the lobby - I noticed some teens in there calling there rides to get home. These kids had t-shirts and no jackets and a cold front had come through earlier in the day so it was pretty cold and starting to snow. Plus, it took me about 2-3 times longer than usual to drive home because the roads were slick. So, I'm sitting there wondering (worrying) about these poor kids - what if there had been imminent danger (a bigger bomb, someone with a gun, a fire) and the evacuation was not to the lobby but directly outside? I got to thinking, what if my daughter had been there alone and had to wait for me to get there to pick her up?

I know that I'm a worrier, it bugs my kids and hubby when I get to thinking about things like this, but I just can't help it.

Well, let me know your thoughts on this .....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ramblings of a happy helper

Blog Prompt 11/13: Imagine you save a man's life and later find out he is the richest man in the world. He offers to either buy you a new house and land or fix the house and land you already have any way you want. Describe either your new house and land or what improvements you would make on the land and house you already own.

First of all, I just want to say that if I were to save someone's life or perform any other service for another person, that just knowing I have helped is reward enough.

BUT, since this man is so generous....
Our current house is way too small, we've lived here for 15 years and it's always been too small. We have 3 bedrooms in a split entry home. There are 5 of us, a dog, and a photo studio all sharing the small area. Too small and no property space to expand.

My dream home would have 2 separate entries OR 2 separate buildings - one for our home and one for our business.

The home part would have bedrooms for all 3 kiddo's, a master bedroom that has enough room (right now we barely have enough room to walk at the end and on either side of our bed.)

I'd love a great room that flows into the kitchen - a nice open feel that has plenty of room yet is still cozy. Of course, the basement would be set up to maximize family fun time and keep the teens home more often - a home theatre, plenty of room for the teens and their friends to 'hang', maybe an air hockey or foosball table, and maybe even a bowling lane.

Oh, and a couple of little luxuries for me ... a central vac and a laundry shoot.

There would be a solarium with a pool and hot tub and lots of plants - kind of like my own little tropical island. I would like a big multi-leveled deck with an outdoor kitchen and lots of comfy places to sit and a fire pit for those cooler autumn (or warmer winter) evenings.

Once you step off of the deck, the rest of the back yard would be like an oasis - trails, trees, flowers, benches, a koi pond with a bridge. This space would be a nice place to relax throughout the year, but also a great place to take our customers for some outdoor portraits. Of course, there would also be a playground area (all this dreaming for me, I guess I should include the youngest Colbert, LOL)

The garage would be a 2 car plus an RV slot.

The business part would have a scrapbook store with plenty of wall space to showcase some of the portraits we have taken. Off of the store/gallery area would be several areas:
~ A play area for the customers children - probably a circular area with 1/2 walls to keep the kids coralled but still in view of their parents.
~ a 'latte lounge', with comfy overstuffed chairs - this space would serve as a waiting area for the portrait customers as well as serving beverages for our customers pleasure.
~ a portrait studio - this would be larger than normal with different sets at each corner and along the walls. There would be a door that leads out to the back yard for those outdoor shots.
~ an office area - with private preview viewing areas (maybe 2) that have big screen monitors for viewing proof slide shows and plenty of good lighting; a production area where the printing, sorting and packaging takes place and space for storage (good lighting is also essential in this area; plus private offices for both my husband and myself.
~ A crop room - this has room for at least 10-8 foot tables, with 2 rolling office chairs at each table. Each crop space would have a cup holder hanging from it. At least one full wall would be counter space for tools for the croppers to use (this room is another place that plenty of good lighting will be needed.)
~ It would be great if the register area was back by the crop area, but still in full view of the front door. The side of the register counter that faces the crop area would be lower - regular table level - so I could tend the register and still be involved in the crop. Next to this table level area for me to crop at, there would be a regular height section to do demo's and make 'n takes at. There would also need to be a slotted storage area under the register section of the counter to store customer’s portraits to be picked up. I'm picturing the register area as round. It would probably work well to also have that latte lounge close enough to the register so that whoever was working could easily see the barista area from the register and vice-versa. And, of course, you would need to be able to see the entire store area from the counter so that you could watch for customers who need assistance without hovering over them.

Once again, it is so nice to dream, and until this dream comes to fruition I will have to suffer with my too small house and no room to add my scrapbook store to the business.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ramblings of a transplanted Coloradan

Today's blog prompt 11/9: 13 things I like about living where I do

They have these "Native Coloradan" bumper stickers here. I'm not allowed to get one because I wasn't born here, LOL, but they have this great bumper sticker for people like me ...

My top 13 reasons I love living in Colorado ...
13) chilly nights by the fire with a mug of cocoa
12) seasons (I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska - and it always seemed like we had 2 seasons. Just summer and winter, not much transition between the two)
11) Garden of the Gods (see pictures below)

10) Pikes Peak - the inspiration for "America the Beautiful" (see pictures above)
9) The beautifully changing aspen leaves - if you go hiking and just stand still for a moment they not only *look* beautiful, but the sound of them rustling in the breeze is also beautiful
8) It's never too hot
7) It's never bitterly cold
6) camping
5) We had a blizzard (see my blog entry ... Blizzard) on Thursday October 27 and 2 weeks later it was in the mid 70's on Wednesday November 8 and I was wearing flip flops
4) If it's not a blizzard with ton's of snow, it can snow one day and be melted the next day - we've even had days where it's snowed in the morning and been melted by the afternoon of the same day
3) beautifully blue skies in daylight and a blanket of stars at night
2) Colorado sunsets (see the Garden of the Gods with Pikes Peak during sunset picture above)
and the number one reason I love Colorado
1) Colorado sunrises
'nuf said!

PS I would have loved to do this completely in pictures without any comments, but it took me 3 hours to find the perfect pictures that I *did* use, and since I have some actual work to get done today I will have to let those I did include suffice.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Ramblings of a Mom

Blog Prompt 11/6: In your area/family, how do children address adults? What manners do you stress in your family and which do you let slide? (This applies to adults, too, not just children).

When I was growing up, it was all "Mr(s). Lastname", and for that time that was the appropriate thing. As I grew up, "Mr/Miss Firstname" started to become popular in my area (I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska) and that is how my younger siblings addressed adults.

As time has gone by, the formality of Mr/Mrs/Miss seems to have gone the way of the stonewashed jeans and shoulder pads we used to wear in the 80's.

My teens address adults, for the most part, by their first names. Although there are some adults who have been introduced and always referred to by "Mr(s). Lastname", so that's how they address those adults.

My preschooler refers to most adults as "Miss/Mr Firstname."

Now, I don't know how other adults feel about this whole thing, but it just makes me feel so old when my kids friends call me "Mrs .Colbert", so I am much happier with "Miss Melanie" from the preschoolers and just plain "Melanie" from the teens.

But, who knows, trends come and go, so we may see the days of minors addressing adults with more respect come back again - I just hope that shoulder pads are gone for good, LOL!

Now, manners,
* One of my biggest pet peeves is children who interrupt adults just to show mom that they can twist their fingers together, or some other nonsense. Now, I know that whatever that child has to say is terribly important to them, but the interruption makes it painfully clear that their parents, like so many other now a days, hasn't bothered to teach their children basic manners. This is one thing that I am trying very hard to make sure my kids wait their turn to speak. They know that if I am on the phone or talking to someone in person (this doesn't necessarily mean just conversations with adults), that anything they have to say can wait (except emergencies of course) Does this mean that they always wait? They are children, so no. The 5 year old is still learning, but the teens do wait *MOST* of the time.
* Bad table manners are right up there with interruptions, I just cringe when I am around someone who eats with their mouth open, slurps, smacks, talks with food in their mouth. But since I still haven't been able to teach my husband the importance of good table manners it is hard to teach the kids. For the most part they are so much better than their dad, so I guess sometimes modeling good behavior in the face of bad does work.
* Saying please, thank you, may I, I'm sorry. Funny thing is, my preschooler has these down (hmmm, was that my influence or Dora the Explorer, LOL), but my teens have been slipping.
* Thank you notes - WOW, when I was a kid they were written the DAY you received a gift. Now I'm lucky if I even get an email or phone call to let me know that the gift arrived in one piece. In one case I had to contact a family member of a couple I had sent a wedding gift to and see if they had even received it. I finally received a note almost a year after the wedding. Worse yet, the busier I get, the more I let this slip myself. My children are supposed to write notes or at least write a personal note in a card from the family, but sometimes those cards don't make it out until a month or so after the gift was received. It didn't occur to me how awful I had gotten at this until my mom called almost a month after my preschoolers recent birthday and asked if we had gotten the card she sent with money in it. She was worried because it was cash and since I was still working on the TY cards I should have called her right away to let her know that the card had arrived. What a bad influence am I?

(*watch out - rambling woman about to get on her soap box*)
I hope that I have taught my children the importance of manners and respect - as I think that one of the biggest problems that our society faces is disrespectful teens and young adults. I have watched two of our children grow up and tried to instill these things in them, but watch as so many other parents don't care enough for their children to make sure they know right from wrong. And now I can only hope that I am being a proper teacher to the three left at home. Anyway, that's enough .... for now!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ramblings of a Queen

blog prompt 11/2: What would you do if you were queen for a day?

I would start by getting up early (but not TOO early) so I could fully enjoy my day. After a luxurious bath (rather than the rushed shower I usually get), I would enjoy a scrumptious breakfast (cooked by someone else, of course!) while reading my email (nothing new there, but it would be so much more enjoyable to take my time)

After breakfast, I would head to a spa and enjoy a morning of pampering, knowing that my chores were being taken care of by the 'hired help' (you know, the teens in my house really hate it when I call them that, LOL)

While I enjoyed a light lunch, someone else would be taking care of my preschooler and whatever lunch he wanted for the day. After lunch I would spend the afternoon scrapbooking.

When the older children get home from school, we would all jump in our indoor pool for a swim while someone else prepares dinner. After dinner, we would retire to our 'rec' room and decide as a family whether we want to watch a movie in our home theatre, go bowling on our private alley, or maybe just enjoy each others company over a board game.

Soon, the preschooler would be heading to bed and the teens would be off to do homework in their rooms, at which point my husband and I would have an actual adult only conversation over a bottle of wine.

Wow, it is fun to dream!