Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ramblings of a non-"Turista"

I almost forgot to update .....
We did go back, tried to get there toward the end of the movie so we could watch the part we missed without having to watch the entire movie. Well, that *almost* worked, LOL, we missed a few minutes in between the majority of the movie we saw on the "pop bottle bomb" day and the end. Oh well, now I will have to wait for it to be shown on HBO.

Ayway, we had decided that it was senseless to go to he movies for the last 20 minutes of something then leave, so we decided to watch 'Turistas'. I just have to say that I wish I had logged on to Yahoo Movies before I chose that movie. It was definately graphic, but intensely DULL! I swear I felt every minute that I sat in that theatre, LOL. The Yahoo Movies ratings showed it at a C- from both the critics and the general public - I think I would rate it at a D, though.