Wednesday, October 07, 2009

39 pounds

and feeling fabulous ...

I am trying not to buy too many articles of clothing since I'm not planning on being this size for very long. I kept my size 16 jeans from before I had Chris so I'm good on those, but I noticed that a lot of my shirts are just too baggy, making my look bigger than I really am. I think I have a couple of T's that fit properly and a couple of blouses that tie in the back so they look alright. So, I picked up this sweater, a hoody, and a T-shirt at Ross and a cute ruffle front sleeveless blouse and a skirt that will match this sweater perfectly at Target. Oh, and YAY, I won an Aerosmith tank from aeroforceone, can't wait to get that in the mail!!

I have another weigh in next week, I'm hoping to get out of the 200's by then, wish me luck ;)

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